Throw Down!

Has this week gone by ridiculously fast to anyone else??

Tomorrow's the first day of September. According to the weather man, it will not usher in cooler temps, but September will welcome the first day of fall. It's about that time when the humidity and sweat of summer has worn it's welcome and we're all giddy for some colorful leaves, crisp air, toasty autumn brews, and my fav: boots (!!).

And what's better on a cool autumn evening than snuggling up with your sweetie or a good read and an earthy glass of red under a warm cozy throw?

Of course, I'm not talking about that tattered one that adorned your futon in college (c'mon, we all have 'em). If you're still breaking that bad boy out, or something of similar sentiment, it's time to upgrade my friend.

Not only are throws a delightful comfort in chillier times, they're a great character-builder for a room. Whether at the foot of a bed, slung over a chair or couch, or folded neatly somewhere that it can be eye candy, the throw is not to be ignored.

Here are some of my favs for the season. Who wouldn't want to cuddle up under one of these beauties?

Get ready to get cozy! Have a fab weekend!

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