A Word on White

To me, life is about creativity and color. It's all around us. It's in nature, food, our very selves. It's what we love.

That being said, I've found over years of designing spaces, trying new things, emulating, originating, and being inspired, there are somethings that are better left simple. Where less really is more. 

I'm talking about white. 

Generally, I don't believe in rules when it comes to design. Each space is unique and imposing rules on your space automatically limits aesthetic potential. But this "rule" is a little different. I've never seen it fail and I've never seen it as limiting. 

So here it is: When it comes to everyday dishes, towels, and bed linens, stick with white. 

But it's a little bla, you say. It's hard to maintain. 


In my experience, white is one of the most cleanable colors, and by far the most clean-feeling. If you want to breath some fresh air into your home, your bedding to be chic, and your staple items to be timeless, trust me on this one. You won't go wrong. 

If this sounds a little boring to you, pay attention to texture. Stay away for synthetics and opt for some white-on-white textural pattern or some ruching like these Horchow towels or West Elm bedding.


Beautiful, right?

And for my type A brothers and sisters, think about what glorious linen closets and kitchen cabinets this makes for.



Can we say open shelving?? 

Abiding by this simple rule puts your everyday necessities to work for your space's overall aesthetic, rather than something to be shoved in a closet or cupboard.

We have to find beauty anywhere we can. So wether it's in a closet or out on display, I'll take it!